Your Personal Experience

Understanding the changes you face

After starting your initial treatment plan, you may have felt better. But the way you manage your Parkinson's disease may not be working as well now.

Does this sound familiar?

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As your Parkinson's disease advances

For many Parkinson's patients, changes in motor symptoms* occur within 5-10 years of diagnosis

* Symptoms that involve or relate to muscle movement. Examples of motor symptoms in Parkinson's disease include impaired mobility, slowness, and stiffness.

Your experience may vary.

When do you feel a loss of personal empowerment?

When your progressing Parkinson's disease consumes your day

As Parkinson's progresses, you and your carer may struggle to maintain control over the symptoms.

When all you can think about are the obstacles

Stress and constant worry may crowd out positive thoughts and prevent you from doing the things that bring you joy.

When others don't seem to understand how deep your struggles are

Dealing with the day-to-day can be emotionally stressful as well. It's easy to become isolated in your struggle.


While many may know about your physical struggle, the mental and emotional toll may not be so obvious to loved ones


You may appear strong to loved ones but really feel overwhelmed by mental and physical exhaustion

Fortunately, these feelings―though very real―are not the whole story. You can fight fear with knowledge about your Parkinson's and your treatment plan.

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You'll get insight into how your body responds to treatment and learn about refocusing your energy for greater personal empowerment.